EVG Print (Ofset Ltd) entered printing industry in 1994.

In order to achieve a high-quality end result, our printing house is equipped with laser printers, that is to say: we do not use photopolymer printing for our printing plates, but instead the image on printing plate is created by lasers.

This method achieves significantly higher precision in terms of the lighter tones, colour compatibility and the level of detail of the image. For better end results, we recommend contacting our sales team before confirming the order.

EVG Print specializes in offset printing. Our modern printing technology and a qualified team enable us to provide our customers with a variety of printing products:

• flyers, leaflets, brochures and invitations
• business cards, templates of (self-copying) forms
• printed envelopes
• posters, stickers, labels
• books
• customized printed products/publications

We also take on a wide range of printing projects that might require further processing, using either machine- or manpower, for example:

• Numeration
• Perforation
• adhesive binding, wire binding and spiral binding
• varnishing and lamination
• stamping
• folding
• scanning
• color separation

We use PC computers for design works. We can accept design files (up to 8MB) or finished designs on data carriers, via our FTP, or via Dropbox or other applications.