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EVG Print (Ofset OÜ) started its
activities in the field of printing in 1994. In order to ensure high-quality end results, we are using laser-based print preparation line, i.e. we do not make printing plates from films via lighting, but instead, the image is burned onto the printing plate by a laser. This way, the lighter tones, the colour combinations and the object details have significantly higher precision. In order to get better end results, we recommend contacting our sales managers before presenting a work to be printed.


Vello Viilop

Sales Department
Aivar Tomberg

Karl-Oskar Toovere

Peeter Vaher

Layout and Repro Department

Ofset OÜ
25 Paldiski road, 10612, Tallinn
Phone +372 661 0456
Fax +372 661 0666

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Technical possibilities

The print shop of EVG Print has specialised in making offset print products. Modern printing technology and highly qualified team allow printing many different kinds of products:
• flyers, folders, brochures, invitations;
• business cards, (self-copying) templates;
• printed envelopes;
• posters, stickers, labels;
• books;
• prints with complex layouts.

We also perform many different printing jobs needing a lot of follow-up processing by machines and manual labour:

• numerating;
• perforating;
• glue, wire and spiral binding;
• lacquering and laminating;
• pressing;
• folding;
• scanning;
• colour separations.

In designing the prints, we are using PC computers. Layout files (up to 8 MB) can be sent via e-mail, larger files and ready-made layouts should preferably be presented on a CD/DVD-ROOM disk or uploaded to our FTP-server » If you would like to use our layout service, then you can present the illustrations as files, drawings, photographs, photo positives or photo negatives.

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